Friday, January 25, 2008

'Spensive Week

Well, it has been quite an expensive week around Mike D's abode. We started with two new garage door openers, new garage lights last Saturday and Sunday. A nice dinner with the parents Sunday night.

Tuesday after talking cameras with Dad Sunday I was inspired to purchase the DSLR that I had been eyeing for quite awhile. I was giddy like a kid before Christmas, Carrie not so much when she dragged the price out of me.

Wednesday, I came home from work and let Clyde out as I normally do. A few minutes of stretching and squeezing between my legs for some rump scratching were enjoyed by both of us. I then needed to make use of the restroom. Clyde was in his low key mode so I figured, fifteen minutes unsupervised, what can happen?

Boy did I find out...

I had no idea what he did until later that evening when Carrie and I settled in to laugh at some American Idol tryouts. Clyde booted his dinner, unchewed of course, right in front of us. No biggie, he had just drank a ton of water and while not common, he has done it before. A half an hour later, he booted again, but this time there was a black sock in the pile. Funny for a second until we checked the laundry and figured out that the other sock was missing too. A few more boot sessions and Clyde was taken to the emergency vet clinic. He had an x-ray and sure enough, the other sock was in his stomach. He had to stay overnight so they could make sure that the sock was moving. Luckily it kept moving and after a enima the sock came out. We even got to see it, but decided to let the vet toss it.

My "what can happen" ended up costing almost as much as my new camera. If the sock would have stopped, it would have surpassed it easily. He is all good now. No more hurling excep for the poop-sicle he found in the backyard (it has been very cold lately).

Here is a picture of Clyde trying to give me a high-five as I was snapping a picture with the new camera. As you can see, he almost cost me more money...

Note the shaved leg band for the IV....

That dog has a good set of pipes!


Anonymous,  1/26/2008 2:15 AM  

Damnit I'm never having kids or a dog!!!!!!!!!! Sheeesh! :) Whats the camera?? Post it! I wanna see it. Cameras fascinate me as well.

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