Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Toy

Here is my new toy, a Canon 40D DSLR camera.

19 buttons, 4 dials, 1 directional joystick, and 2 LCDs of pure gadge-a-holic pleasure.

Ever since high school I have been interested in photography. I took a class back then, learned the basics, got to do some darkroom work, and caught the bug. Later I got bought my own SLR and had quite a bit of fun shooting with that. I took many pictures of people, landscapes, animals, and whatever caught my fancy. Every once in awhile I got a picture that was special. It gave me a rush.

The last time I used that camera was on our honeymoon in Kauai. (Got some real neat photos there) With that major life change and the coming of age of digital photography the Film SLR got put on the back burner and gathered dust.

At my mature age I have figured the secret of life for me. That secret is being creative. I am happiest when I am being creative. This is my latest attempt at being creative. :)

Now the time is right for me to get back into photography. The cameras are at a point where I can fight off the 'I have to have it' yearly bug. Sure the cameras will continuously improve, but knowing what I'll shoot, and what I'll do with what I shoot, this camera will do good for me for many years. That doesn't mean I'll never upgrade, it means that I don't really need to upgrade. (There still may be a need for a second body...)

Lately, while taking Clyde to the dog park I have been seeing things that would make nice photos. It got me thinking about photography again. The ferry going by, sunsets, birds, dogs carrying big sticks....

BTW, the last picture was taken with a camera phone loaded with pocket lint. The 40D takes much better shots.

Carrie left me alone Tuesday evening and I set the wheels rolling. I ordered up the camera and lens. It arrived Friday but the UPS driver didn't leave it at the house because there was nobody to sign for it. At 7pm that evening I drove 20 miles to the UPS delivery center to pick it up. Funny story, when we arrived at the hub, everyone was outside, the fire alarm was going off. Great. Luckily it was a false alarm. This weekend was spent fiddling with all those buttons, learning what they do and snapping photos of the dog.

I'm loving it! I can take shots with certain settings and immediately see the results. With the old film SLR I would have to wait a week. By then I would have forgotten what I was trying to do and what settings I shot the picture at. No more!

Now I am thinking of ideas for where I can get neat shots. A trip to Kerry Park... The zoo... tulip festival... Seattle's waterfront... San Juans... Victoria B.C.... Mt. Rainier... San Francisco... Kauai... Limitless options!

Did I say I was excited?


Anonymous,  1/28/2008 9:22 AM  

We'll have to bring that out of the bag next time we're sitting around the campfire at the guys camping trip. Woooo! Toss it over here, I wanna snap a few too! :)

You should think about scheduling all your new electronics with your agent. Just in case....

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