Saturday, January 12, 2008


I thought the game was going to be the opposite.... A few minutes in and the Hawks are up 14-0. After a 42-6 (!!) run the Hawks lose. GB didn't punt until the game was well out of reach in the 4th. The Hawks just didn't look like themselves. The D was on its heels, Hasselbeck seemed frustrated... Blech!

Plus, I have the flu.

The good news is, tomorrow should be better.

Did anyone notice the flappy arms guy from my section? In one of Fox's montages they showed him. The dude is catching on!


Anonymous,  1/12/2008 11:22 PM  


The Flu? First a cold, now the flu. Weak Sauce.

Well, the Hawks non-existent running game finally caught up with them - asking MH to win the game with his arm in those conditions is too much to ask, especially with only 8 guys on defense for us.

At least the Patriots won though. I just love those guys!

Mike D. 1/12/2008 11:29 PM  

I'm pulling for the Pats now... Just to shut up the '72 Dolphins.

Tons of fun, I love body aches and sweating. Luckily there has been no booting and that is fine by me!

Mike D. 1/12/2008 11:31 PM  

Heh, does posting a response to a comment 7 minutes after it is posted make me look desperate?

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