Monday, January 14, 2008

Leave Tony Alone!

***UPDATED 1/15***

I'm crying while typing this.... Classic!

BTW, notice the day this video was posted... hmm, hmmm, hmm...

UPDATE: Carrie, who is way more up on this stuff than me, points out that the above video was a parody of this video (NSFW-language)

Whoa! I don't think that it is just Britney with a problem....


I am now almost positive that TO's cryfest was a show. Discuss.


Anonymous,  1/14/2008 6:23 PM  

You're lovin this arent you?? Do you think Tony and Jess have broken up yet??? I bet he's with somebody else next season. TO really cried though!! I just can't even believe that! At least it wasnt all about me myself and I...was about his team and his boy! I wonder what Troy and Michael think about all this.

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