Monday, January 07, 2008

Hawk Videos

No complaining of the entertainment, quality or editing!!

Here are a few of the videos I shot at the Hawks win over the Redskins. Enjoy!

The first is of the introductions of the Seahawks before the game. My camera did a crappy job of picking up how loud it really was, it pretty much just picked up me doing the 'pain train'... Woooooo! WOOOOO!!!

I thought I'd throw this in for sentimental reasons. This fellah sits a few rows in front of us and really gets into the game. He literally flaps his arms the whole game. I am concerned that it has turned into a nervous tick.

Here is the end of the game. Fun stuff, I hope we get to go to another in two weeks.

Check this article out. Apparently Hawk fans are a bunch of meanies now... I have been to plenty of Hawk games (season tickets the entire Holmgren era) and a few away games. The only visitors I have seen abused weren't exactly innocent.

Notice the guy in slide 3? That is the flappy arms guy from the video above. Too bad the photographer didn't catch him from the other angle, you would have seen me.


Anonymous,  1/08/2008 6:59 PM  

Stay classy Seattle!! I always hear Stay Classy San Diego! It's the patriots favorite saying. haha. So we can wear our away jerseys at Redskin games and we wont get abused or picked on by there fans... rightttttttt. OMG it's Football!!!! What do they expect at an away game!!!!! Not to mention a playoff game!! Pssh I'm so sick of everyone talking about classy classless ITS FOOTBALL!!! If you cant handle it then dont go!! OK i'm done.

Anonymous,  1/08/2008 7:39 PM  

woooooo! WOOOOOOO! LOL!

And WTF is wrong with 96!?

Anonymous,  1/08/2008 10:41 PM  

From san diego state #25 Brian Russel!!!! wooooo How ya like him?

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