Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Games

Great games today, too bad there weren't any yesterday... Both kept me watching to the end.

In the Charger-Indy game I was pulling for whoever was down. It was a great ending. In hind sight, the Colts should have gone for the FG late. If they weren't so desperate for a TD in that last possession they may have been able to pull it out. who would have picked the Chargers to win with a gimpy Gates, Tomlinson out in the first half, Rivers out in the third.... Gutsy. Hopefully they'll get them back next week, they'll need them.

I was pulling for the Giants as I root against T.O. The ending was even better.

I am now hoping for a Pats, Pack Super Bowl. We all know the only thing that remotely has a chance to battle a Tom Brady love-fest is a Brett Favre love-fest. In fact, I would have to say that the BFLF is probably the most powerful love-fest that I can think of. 18-0 vs old man Favre, the media will be on full melt down!

T.O. crying because the press may give his QB Romo a hard time... Priceless! Boo hoo.

Maybe T.O. should join Pam and Tony crying it out in the hallway.

BTW, Charger Girl, no all-caps super-giddy comments... The official team of the Zactly! blog has lost. We are in in mourning here.


Anonymous,  1/13/2008 7:09 PM  

ha ok. :) I'm sorry about your loss. I was stunned to see my team come thru...seeing volek out there i pretty much said hell this is over right now. amazing though. its fun being a hated underdog. y'all should pick up mike turner (bkup RB) next year. He's a baller. loved TO crying, and seeing romo choke in the playoffs again. priceless. of course i would love to see a eli rivers superbowl. hang in there.

Mike D. 1/13/2008 10:28 PM  

I was watching him with that very thought. I sure miss having a running game. It would have been nice to have one in case you have to play in a snowstorm.

A tight end would be nice too...

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