Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First Dog Park Trip this Year

Happy New Year!

It was a relatively nice day today, so we decided to take Clyde to the dog park. Here are some of the pictures I took with my new camera.

We did a lot of fetching. Clyde does pretty good when he watches where the Kong goes. He did use his nose a few time to find it in the tall grass.

Check out the tongue.... He was tired, but wanted more. I think he had just finished wrestling with a 120lb golden retriever.

Throw it again dammit!

Clyde and Mike, both looking goofy.

Here he is in otter mode. Not too many dogs in the water today. The only way Clyde isn't going in is if it is frozen solid. Not my choice, his... This is the last picture of this Kong. Soon after it floated down the river (slough) never to be seen again. Clyde was distracted at the exact moment that I threw it and I could not find any big enough rocks to lure him over to it. We need some field training.

Dried off and ready to go home. He's sleeping well tonight.

Wondering what is going on way up in the front seats. He is doing pretty well in the car. For the most part he lays down or sits and looks out the back window.

The camera worked out nice today. It is a svelte little point-and-shoot that fits nicely in my front pocket. I don't have a reason to not have it with me any more. One of my personal resolutions this year is to be better at taking snapshots. One day in and I am not doing too bad!


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