Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day

We have snow again and you know what that means......

Time for Clyde to pee on the porch!


Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Toy

Here is my new toy, a Canon 40D DSLR camera.

19 buttons, 4 dials, 1 directional joystick, and 2 LCDs of pure gadge-a-holic pleasure.

Ever since high school I have been interested in photography. I took a class back then, learned the basics, got to do some darkroom work, and caught the bug. Later I got bought my own SLR and had quite a bit of fun shooting with that. I took many pictures of people, landscapes, animals, and whatever caught my fancy. Every once in awhile I got a picture that was special. It gave me a rush.

The last time I used that camera was on our honeymoon in Kauai. (Got some real neat photos there) With that major life change and the coming of age of digital photography the Film SLR got put on the back burner and gathered dust.

At my mature age I have figured the secret of life for me. That secret is being creative. I am happiest when I am being creative. This is my latest attempt at being creative. :)

Now the time is right for me to get back into photography. The cameras are at a point where I can fight off the 'I have to have it' yearly bug. Sure the cameras will continuously improve, but knowing what I'll shoot, and what I'll do with what I shoot, this camera will do good for me for many years. That doesn't mean I'll never upgrade, it means that I don't really need to upgrade. (There still may be a need for a second body...)

Lately, while taking Clyde to the dog park I have been seeing things that would make nice photos. It got me thinking about photography again. The ferry going by, sunsets, birds, dogs carrying big sticks....

BTW, the last picture was taken with a camera phone loaded with pocket lint. The 40D takes much better shots.

Carrie left me alone Tuesday evening and I set the wheels rolling. I ordered up the camera and lens. It arrived Friday but the UPS driver didn't leave it at the house because there was nobody to sign for it. At 7pm that evening I drove 20 miles to the UPS delivery center to pick it up. Funny story, when we arrived at the hub, everyone was outside, the fire alarm was going off. Great. Luckily it was a false alarm. This weekend was spent fiddling with all those buttons, learning what they do and snapping photos of the dog.

I'm loving it! I can take shots with certain settings and immediately see the results. With the old film SLR I would have to wait a week. By then I would have forgotten what I was trying to do and what settings I shot the picture at. No more!

Now I am thinking of ideas for where I can get neat shots. A trip to Kerry Park... The zoo... tulip festival... Seattle's waterfront... San Juans... Victoria B.C.... Mt. Rainier... San Francisco... Kauai... Limitless options!

Did I say I was excited?


Waking up Carrie

This is how Clyde woke Carrie up this morning...

Listen for me trying not to laugh out loud.


Friday, January 25, 2008

'Spensive Week

Well, it has been quite an expensive week around Mike D's abode. We started with two new garage door openers, new garage lights last Saturday and Sunday. A nice dinner with the parents Sunday night.

Tuesday after talking cameras with Dad Sunday I was inspired to purchase the DSLR that I had been eyeing for quite awhile. I was giddy like a kid before Christmas, Carrie not so much when she dragged the price out of me.

Wednesday, I came home from work and let Clyde out as I normally do. A few minutes of stretching and squeezing between my legs for some rump scratching were enjoyed by both of us. I then needed to make use of the restroom. Clyde was in his low key mode so I figured, fifteen minutes unsupervised, what can happen?

Boy did I find out...

I had no idea what he did until later that evening when Carrie and I settled in to laugh at some American Idol tryouts. Clyde booted his dinner, unchewed of course, right in front of us. No biggie, he had just drank a ton of water and while not common, he has done it before. A half an hour later, he booted again, but this time there was a black sock in the pile. Funny for a second until we checked the laundry and figured out that the other sock was missing too. A few more boot sessions and Clyde was taken to the emergency vet clinic. He had an x-ray and sure enough, the other sock was in his stomach. He had to stay overnight so they could make sure that the sock was moving. Luckily it kept moving and after a enima the sock came out. We even got to see it, but decided to let the vet toss it.

My "what can happen" ended up costing almost as much as my new camera. If the sock would have stopped, it would have surpassed it easily. He is all good now. No more hurling excep for the poop-sicle he found in the backyard (it has been very cold lately).

Here is a picture of Clyde trying to give me a high-five as I was snapping a picture with the new camera. As you can see, he almost cost me more money...

Note the shaved leg band for the IV....

That dog has a good set of pipes!


Sunday, January 20, 2008


Is it Clyde + video, or Clyde + rodeo? You decide.

Tonight after dinner Carrie and I were watching FHV (Funniest Home Videos) and I thought I'd document a wee bit of Clyde's crazy time...

He found a stick outside, and wanted me to give chase. We never do, but he still tries.

Que the video!

If I had just continued recording for just a moment longer you would have seen Clyde sprint over and stick his dirty snout in Carries stomach.

Here is the aftermath.

Ahh, the joys of owning a Lab!


LAF: Life After Football

I made good use of my first weekend without Seahawks football in 21 weeks.

The last two day were spent in my garage doing some much needed maintenance. Carries garage door opener finally crapped out so I replaced both of them yesterday. Today I replaced the fluorescent fixtures in there with some more better lights. I had to rewire as the previous installation was pretty chintzy (not my doing). This evening I am pretty satisfied with myself, it feels good.

All said, I would rather be half-blitzed sitting in my seat at Qwest Field this evening. Booo! As I write this I have the the 266th NFL game of the year (that counts) on. One more to go. Booo! BOOOOO!!! Now we have to put up with a couple thousand baseball games (don't believe me, do the math) before we get the sweet, sweet nectar of football back. LAME! LAME! LAME! LAME!. As I always say, thank God that baseball is played during the summer when there are many more thing to keep me occupied.

BTW, have you seen the Bud Light commercial where they say that Bud Light now gives you the ability to communicate with animals? The dude asks his dog how his day was going and the dog just says "Sausages!" over and over. Absolutely hilarious! It had me on the ground. I am pretty sure that all Clyde would say is "Treat".


Monday, January 14, 2008

Leave Tony Alone!

***UPDATED 1/15***

I'm crying while typing this.... Classic!

BTW, notice the day this video was posted... hmm, hmmm, hmm...

UPDATE: Carrie, who is way more up on this stuff than me, points out that the above video was a parody of this video (NSFW-language)

Whoa! I don't think that it is just Britney with a problem....


I am now almost positive that TO's cryfest was a show. Discuss.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Games

Great games today, too bad there weren't any yesterday... Both kept me watching to the end.

In the Charger-Indy game I was pulling for whoever was down. It was a great ending. In hind sight, the Colts should have gone for the FG late. If they weren't so desperate for a TD in that last possession they may have been able to pull it out. who would have picked the Chargers to win with a gimpy Gates, Tomlinson out in the first half, Rivers out in the third.... Gutsy. Hopefully they'll get them back next week, they'll need them.

I was pulling for the Giants as I root against T.O. The ending was even better.

I am now hoping for a Pats, Pack Super Bowl. We all know the only thing that remotely has a chance to battle a Tom Brady love-fest is a Brett Favre love-fest. In fact, I would have to say that the BFLF is probably the most powerful love-fest that I can think of. 18-0 vs old man Favre, the media will be on full melt down!

T.O. crying because the press may give his QB Romo a hard time... Priceless! Boo hoo.

Maybe T.O. should join Pam and Tony crying it out in the hallway.

BTW, Charger Girl, no all-caps super-giddy comments... The official team of the Zactly! blog has lost. We are in in mourning here.


Saturday, January 12, 2008


I thought the game was going to be the opposite.... A few minutes in and the Hawks are up 14-0. After a 42-6 (!!) run the Hawks lose. GB didn't punt until the game was well out of reach in the 4th. The Hawks just didn't look like themselves. The D was on its heels, Hasselbeck seemed frustrated... Blech!

Plus, I have the flu.

The good news is, tomorrow should be better.

Did anyone notice the flappy arms guy from my section? In one of Fox's montages they showed him. The dude is catching on!


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Seahawks Come to Play!

Bring on Green Bay!

Mike Holmgren for an Emmy!

Fun fact, Kenny Mayne was a backup Seahawk QB, I believe when Jim Zorn was the #1 guy. Hails from beautiful Kent, Washington, just south of Seattle.


Monday, January 07, 2008

Hawk Videos

No complaining of the entertainment, quality or editing!!

Here are a few of the videos I shot at the Hawks win over the Redskins. Enjoy!

The first is of the introductions of the Seahawks before the game. My camera did a crappy job of picking up how loud it really was, it pretty much just picked up me doing the 'pain train'... Woooooo! WOOOOO!!!

I thought I'd throw this in for sentimental reasons. This fellah sits a few rows in front of us and really gets into the game. He literally flaps his arms the whole game. I am concerned that it has turned into a nervous tick.

Here is the end of the game. Fun stuff, I hope we get to go to another in two weeks.

Check this article out. Apparently Hawk fans are a bunch of meanies now... I have been to plenty of Hawk games (season tickets the entire Holmgren era) and a few away games. The only visitors I have seen abused weren't exactly innocent.

Notice the guy in slide 3? That is the flappy arms guy from the video above. Too bad the photographer didn't catch him from the other angle, you would have seen me.


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Seahawks Win!

Just got back from the game, and what a game it was. The Seahawks defeated the Redskins 35-14.

Quite a loud game, my ears a ringing right now. The voice isn't too bad, just a little bit raspy.

The Hawks jumped out to a 13 point lead but had a catastrophic couple of minutes in the third quarter to find themselves down 14-13. But they turned it back on. A TD to DJ Hackett and a 2-point conversion put them up for good. Marcus Trufant pulled in a 78 yard interception for a touchdown to ice the thing. It was the Redskins QB Todd Collins first interception in 10 years... And a brutal one at that. His second interception went for a TD too. Beauty!

I shot a few videos that I will put up later to give you a bit of a taste.

Here is a picture I took leaving, hopefully I'll get to see this one more time with a win this year. (it would mean a trip to the Super Bowl!)


Friday, January 04, 2008

The Night Before Playoffs

T'was the night before the playoffs, when all through the house
Every creature was stirring, even my spouse;

The jerseys were tossed on a dinning room chair,
with the Gore-Tex besides them as the weather wouldn't be fair;

Sorry, a two marg night a Mi Tierra....

Go Hawks!


Thursday, January 03, 2008


Hassellbeck came to practice Tuesday with a 'stache. Its no Jake-the-Snake pornstache, but it is close.

I think it is a little bit Goulet...

Unfortunately he shaved it off for Wednesdays practice. I like a guy that isn't afraid to goof with the looks. It shows a certain confidence.

Here was my feeble attempted 'stache from a year ago.

Don't hate me because I am beautiful.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First Dog Park Trip this Year

Happy New Year!

It was a relatively nice day today, so we decided to take Clyde to the dog park. Here are some of the pictures I took with my new camera.

We did a lot of fetching. Clyde does pretty good when he watches where the Kong goes. He did use his nose a few time to find it in the tall grass.

Check out the tongue.... He was tired, but wanted more. I think he had just finished wrestling with a 120lb golden retriever.

Throw it again dammit!

Clyde and Mike, both looking goofy.

Here he is in otter mode. Not too many dogs in the water today. The only way Clyde isn't going in is if it is frozen solid. Not my choice, his... This is the last picture of this Kong. Soon after it floated down the river (slough) never to be seen again. Clyde was distracted at the exact moment that I threw it and I could not find any big enough rocks to lure him over to it. We need some field training.

Dried off and ready to go home. He's sleeping well tonight.

Wondering what is going on way up in the front seats. He is doing pretty well in the car. For the most part he lays down or sits and looks out the back window.

The camera worked out nice today. It is a svelte little point-and-shoot that fits nicely in my front pocket. I don't have a reason to not have it with me any more. One of my personal resolutions this year is to be better at taking snapshots. One day in and I am not doing too bad!


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