Sunday, December 30, 2007

Random Crap


Just chilling in front of the Hawks game with the laptop... A bit of a boring game as it really means nothing. The Seahawks position is frozen in the playoffs.

Clyde is busy entertaining himself chasing his tail. He is also doing some weird contortion thing. While laying down, he puts his right hind leg over his shoulder and mouths it on his left side. A welcome break from him annoying me earlier... He unpluggeg the entertainment center. Pain in the neck dog.

I enjoyed watching Josh Brown make a good open field tackle of Atlanta's kick returner. Good fun, but I don't need any of that in the playoffs.

T'was a good Christmas. Spent the morning at home having our family Christmas, the late morning having brunch at my parents, and the evening having dinner with Carrie's. Clyde wasn't much for it as he had to spend most of it in his crate. We did come home between to let him out and play.

He really likes his presents. He got a giant Kong, and a big rubber squirrel. He doesn't rip into presents like Mom's dog does, he was content to just play with the whole package. I think it has to do with his developing Lab soft mouth. I had to help him get it open. Later Carrie and I were exchanging our gifts for each other when he came upstairs, stuck his head in the tree and made off with his other present. He took it downstairs and played with that package too.

The squirrel is a hit. You can stuff treats inside it and it has little spikes on the opening so he can't get them out easily. I actually had to trim them down a bit so I could get the treats out. We put a few carrots in there when we put him to bed and he played with it all night. ALL NIGHT! It sounded like rocks in the dryer. Annoying.

Talking about annoying, now he is banging my knee with the damn ten pound Kong.

One of my presents I got this Christmas was a cold. Bitchin'. It seems that more often than not I am sick this time of the year.

Well it looks like the Hawks are gonna lose. No biggie, they are coasting against a team that probably wants to finish a miserable season on a good note. Ooops, the Hawks just scored a TD and are trying a onside kick.... Got it, but there is a flag.

Dammit, offsides on Burleson, rekick 5 yards back.

Nope the falcons get it. That'll be the game. Holmgrens pissed at someone. The Falcons are now just taking a knee.

Lol, they just doused their interim head coach with the gatorade. Like I said, it looks like the Falcons really needed that win to go into the offseason on a bit of a positive note. As they are not a member of my hated teams (49ers, Rams, Cardinals, Steelers and Broncos*) I am fine with that.

Woo, look at me, live blogging!

Well, now that the game is done it looks like I best be getting something productive done. I have three light bulbs that need to be replaced. One that requires a ladder, one that needs screws removed to do it and one in front of the house that seems to burn out bi-weekly.

*note - Oakland used to be on my list but since their Superbowl appearance they have been so pathetic that they don't matter anymore.


Anonymous,  1/03/2008 1:25 PM  

So are you excited about the playoffs???? Do you think your going to beat the Redskins?? That team is on fire right now. I'm scared for our team. I dont like the Titans.

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