Monday, December 10, 2007

NFC West Champs

Four in a row!

Ho hum, another year, another NFC West title. With yesterdays thorough drubbing of the hated Arizona Cardinals the Hawks have once again made it to the playoffs for the fifth year in a row. How many other teams can say that? Not many. In fact, the number is two, the Colts with 6 appearances in a row, and the Patriots with 5. Not too shabby!

The game yesterday was a blast, one of the more fun games that I have been too. Hasselbeck was on fire, hitting everyone. Literally. (He hit a TV cameraman throwing the ball away at one point. Kearney has come alive, throwing old man Kurt Warner on the ground three times. I'm really liking Trufant this year, and his three interceptions didn't hurt that. The highlight of the game was his second interception tha the ran back 84 yards. He ran directly down the sideline almost the whole way, running directly at us. Beautiful.

Three more games to go before the playoffs begin and I would like to see them go full throttle the whole time. I overheard someone say that teh think think the Hawks should rest everyone and lose the next three to avoid the hot Vikings. What a load of crap that would be! The goal isn't to win A playoff game, the goal is to win ALL playoff games. You got to play them sometime, Might as well do it in the brutally loud Qwest Field.

Go Hawks!!


Anonymous,  12/10/2007 10:05 PM  

Not to take anything away from ur hawks, congrats on all that. Matt is really on fire. But I do think your division needs a little makeover. Those teams in there are horrible and I thought this was going to be the 49ers year. wow what was I thinking!!!! Something about afc and nfc west divisions. Hopefully we can beat the Lions this weekend and win the division again too. Do you think the pats can go undefeated??? I would like to see you guys beat dallas and the vikings!!!! Did you watch my boy on 60mins??

Mike D. 12/11/2007 4:48 PM  

Like they can help that the 9ers (they don't deserve the 40...), Rams and Cards stink. If it wasn't for a stupid junior high flub on a fumble late, they would have been 6-0 in the division for the second time in three years.

You guys going to win a playoff game this year? :)

Anonymous,  12/11/2007 6:25 PM  

Playoffs?? Dont talk about playoffs! lol JK but I think we can do it! I might not be able to watch but I think we can do something. We'll see.

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