Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my birthday and I am now 29 years old (heh).

Being an adult now, Carrie had the great idea to host a wine and cheese party instead of my typical cooler full of beer and see what happens party. She did a great job. Both of our families showed up and some good friends. It was a good time.

This was Clydes second try in a social situation. Age factored (he is 9 months old), I give him a solid B. My biggest concern was if he would be jumping up on people. Being a 75+ pound dog he can take people down. He did great in that respect, I don't recall him jumping up on anyone. There was the typical leaving of 'Clyde trails' of slobber on pants. Because there was good smelling stuff like cheese and prosciutto around, he was doing quite a bit counter cruising occasionally popping up to try and make a snag. Luckily there was always someone there to knock him down.

...Until late in the evening. We had retired to the living room when he sneaked away and downed a bowl of shrimp that was in the middle of the table. I blame it on myself as I had been keeping him by my side and lost track of him. He was yanked off and scolded but I think it was a net win in his mind. He got some tasty shrimp. In fact he asked me this morning if he could have some for breakfast.

Today as I am writing this, there is some brie on the counter that we didn't put away last night. He has been eyeing it all morning popping up every once in awhile. He is getting much better at getting down now without me having to yank him. A sharp 'OFF!' is all it takes. Eventually (duh) we would like to curb this behavior altogether. As frustrating as it is, we are making progress.

Best present, no offense to others, but you had no chance, Mom brought me a pie. I quickly hid it away because I wasn't going to share that! Carrie didn't even know I had it until I showed it to her this morning.

It was a good night


Anonymous,  12/16/2007 2:51 PM  

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Sounds like a fun party!

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