Sunday, November 25, 2007


Apparently, the provider that was storing my graphics for my blog for free wants money now. As of October..... Bastards!!! How dare they demand money for a service that was previously free from them!

I guess this will inspire me to redesign the look.... If I ever get around to it.

First I need to find a good online storage provider so I can get my title back up there. Until then this blog is unofficially renamed the lime green rectangle, with a smaller orange one with rounded corners underneath it and an even smaller 'sage-ish' rectangle besides the orange one. Or if you are lazy you can still call it 'Zactly, the thinking mans thinking PERSONS blog. (don't want to leave out the sisters... hey MaryJ!)

Maybe then I'll get around to maybe posting again... Meh, too much work.

If you happen to be a loyal reader that I have yet to drive off, here is a little gem for you...

Clark and Michael

I don't know what you get from this picture, but what I get is a good hearty chuckle. A belly laugh if you will. Their site does the same. Check it out.

BTW, If you have been visiting their site for ages now and consider it old news, I don't care. In fact, If you have, why the hell didn't you inform me of it!?! Jerk.



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