Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Viva My Bed

Hey Everybody!

Looks like Mike has to get in the saddle and start blogging again... (How many times have you heard that from me?)

We'll it has been quite a busy couple of weeks 'round here. Carrie's company closed it's door's, dad has been down and out for a bit now with a bum back, my brother got married, and I spent a few days in Las Vegas. I'm not sure why I am telling y'all this, I believe just about everyone that reads my blog was around (Sara...)

Today it is good news all around. Carrie started her new job last Friday, dad is better, but has a ways to go, my brother's fiance said yes, and I came home from Vegas with my shirt.

The wedding was a good time.

It was an outdoor wedding on a beautiful 80 degree day. It was a bit long to stand in one place in a black monkey suit but we survived. Nobody passed out.... The reception was under cover, thank God, and the beer was cold. By the end of the evening, I was ready for a little air guitar. I started, wondered what the hell was I doing, but decided to push through and finish the thing. I had enough Mannys in me that I wasn't embaressed at all.

By the way, in the above picture, can you tell which ones are my cousins, and who is my sister? Hint, my cousins don't look irritated with me.... LOL!

Vagas was a bit of a breather for me. I was flown down there by my company for a users group meeting for a bit of software that we use. I was in seminars from 8am to 4pm. Didn't do any gambling. I really isn't my cup of tea. I did come back $0.05 up because someone didn't cash out their video poker at the bar. I just printed out the ticket and put it up on the wall at work. It would have been funny to cash the thing. I partook in my first ever Vegas buffet. It was the World buffet at the Rio, and it was surprisingly good. I ate a ton but still didn't touch half of what they offered. They had basically everything. Pretty funny to watch people hoard the crab legs. I was behind some lady stacking her plate high with pourpose. I started laughing at how mu she loaded on there. She was probably from Kansas where they are a little hard to come by.

I was a bit dissapointed at the casino we stayed at, the Rio. The room was nice, really big and with a great view from the 22nd floor. No, I was dissapointed because my told me that the Keno women wore just two stamps and a cork. (his words, not mine). The ticket agents at the airport were wearing less than the Keno ladies. Booo! Oh, that and from 3 to 9:30pm there were Chippendale dancers wandering around in front of the elevator I had to catch to my room. Bow tie, tight pants, and shaved. Meh. A couple of hurricanes and I would have taken my shirt off and let them know what a real man looks like!

It was sure nice to get home Saturday and sleep in my own bed after 4 days of sin city. It would have been more fun if Carrie was there with me.


Anonymous,  9/18/2007 10:39 PM  
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Anonymous,  9/21/2007 11:43 PM  

Good work on the update!!! :) Keep them coming!!!

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