Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Boy and His Dog

...and his wife too!


Carrie and I decided to take Clyde to the dog park for the first time today. We planned to go down there to check it out, but keep him on the leash as 'coming' isn't his strong suit yet. We went to the park in Edmonds.

First of all, what a cool place! For me it just a runway short of utopia. You park right by a marina, with all kinds of cool boats to see. There is a railroad track that carries just about everything in and out of Seattle. Two big BNSF trains went by while we were there, one in each direction. You are on the Puget Sound.

We got there and Clyde was on cloud nine. Exciting scents, nice people, and nice dogs everywhere. He didn't know what to do with himself. This was pretty much Clydes first time socializing with dogs that were bigger than him. We met a great dane that was a week younger, but 90 pounds heavier and tall enough that I could sit on it horse style and my feet probably wouldn't touch... Good lord that dog was big!

After we had been there a bit I was more comfortable and took Clyde off the leash as you can see from the picture above. He did great. For the most part he stayed close to me and came when called. We tossed the bumper and did a bit of swimming. (the dog, not me) Good fun, I will be back, sooner than later.

Something I noticed about the dog park was that everyone was very social. Everybody there had one thing in common, their love for dogs, and they were very friendly. I talked with people that if the dogs weren't there we probably wouldn't have even acknowledged each other. Very cool, I'd compare it to a bar where everybody knows your name. A place where you can see everybodies troubles are the same...

Here are a couple videos that we shot...

Clyde likes to swim between my legs for some reason. Listen for Carries "heh" at the beginning.

Here is Clyde retrieving his bumper. As you can see, he is now a card carrying Labrador. Half dog, half otter.

BTW, did you catch the dog dropping a deuce in the picture? I don't know why but I find it funny. I know, juvenile. :) Check the lady looking the other way, she is so trying to pretend that she doesn't know her dog is doing that...


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