Monday, June 25, 2007

Back in the younger days I used to pound the miles out on the pavement. Later I discovered the joys of dirt and put in quite a few miles there. Then I got married and discovered beer.

I used to be pretty fit...

But I digress.

I am getting a big hankerin' to start riding the trails again. And I found the bike to do it on... A Yeti 575. Spectacular! I always dreamed of having a Yeti in my younger years watching Tomac, Jaurez, Giove, Rockwell, Deaton, and Furtado rip it up with them... They were the Ferrari of the mountain bike world to me. Now luckily, I am old enough to have a mid-life crisis, and young enough to still ride. This may be my E-ticket ride!

Yeah, Yeah, $3k+ for a bike, that's ludacris! (Luda!)

What-ever. Some guys have a midlife and spend 20 times that for a drop top Corvette and a toupe. Bad combo BTW. This bike costs about the same as checking the boxes next to navigation and automatic on just about any car. Save for a broken collarbone here and there it is much better for me too...

Stay tuned!


Anonymous,  6/27/2007 11:10 PM  

attached pic.....LOL!

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