Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Woo hoo! A full nights rest with no interruptions. Clyde slept the whole night without crying or whining to go out. At least not loud enough to wake us up... He has yet to have an accident in his crate too. Boy was it nice.

Right now we are working on his mouth. As a puppy he mouths everything. He has picked up every leaf on the back lawn. No big deal with that stuff but when he plays he is being a bit rough with it. The other day while I was cleaning up an 'accident' on my hands and knees, he grabbed me by my achilles... My God that hurt! He actually drew blood. It is hard because your natural reaction is to pull away from him when he does that, but when you do he sees it as play. We are yelping a 'OW!' and ignoring him for a moment. It is working for hands, but not so much for the feet...

Anyone have any tips?


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