Monday, May 07, 2007


We are still having a blast with Clyde, BUT...

I haven't had a full night sleep since he has come home. ...or a third night sleep.

Saturday night wasn't too bad. We tired him out before bed and he was out. At around 2 am he started whining so I got up and took him out. We went out to the backyard and he promptly curled up into a ball on my feet and went back to sleep outside in the light rain. I picked him up and put him back in the crate and he didn't even stir. At 4:30 am he started whining again so I took him out. This time he relieved himself. When done I could tell that he wasn't going to go down so easy this time. When back in the crate he cried, LOUD. He sounds like a cross between Luciano Pavarotti and a seagull caught in a bear trap with a bullhorn. It is amazing that a 13 lb puppy can belt it like that. Knowing that he would be fine bathroom-wise we put in earplugs. It was still loud. 10-15 of it and he tired out. I was able to sleep until 7:30 am.

Sunday when we put him to bed he cried again. For an hour, maybe longer... 2 am came around and he whined so we went out. This time he relieved himself. As in the night before after he did his 'duty', he was put back in his crate and belted a tune for us. Maybe 15 minutes again, but at 2 am when you have to be up at 5:30 for work, that may as well be an eternity. Uggghh. The good news is I slept until my alarm went off which is easily a third of Clyde volume. I can't remember if Carrie took him out between.

I was beat this morning...


Anonymous,  5/08/2007 1:29 PM  

And that's just a puppy! Imagine having children!!!! :)

Mike D. 5/08/2007 2:03 PM  

At least with children you can deal with things in your heated home in your skivvies...

I had to stand out in the backyard in the rain at 2 am. I can't imagine doing this in the dead of winter! 33 degrees, sideways rain...

The good news is that he is already chilling out. Last night he did a lot better.

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