Saturday, April 21, 2007


EDIT- fooled with the photos...

Carrie and I have decided to add a new member to our family. We are getting a puppy!

After long deliberation we have decided that the time is right to get a dog. We couldn't be more excited!

Ever since we knew we were getting married we wanted a dog. Now seven years later, we are going to take the plunge. Over that time we have gone back and forth over what breed we wanted. At first we were big on Boxers, then Boston Terriers. Both are great dog but I shot them down for being short nosed dog that snore like 327 pound men. We've taken care of mom's Boston Bo enough to know that he'd keep me up all night.

We finally settled on a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. In my mind, the perfect dog. There are many reasons we have decided on a Lab. We liked that they have great personalities, and are good with children. The short coat, size, and the fact that they love water played a part in it too. We wanted a chocolate one because you seem to see less of them and I love how they look.

Last weekend, we visited a litter of four week old pups and put down a deposit. Oh my God, were they cute. I could have stood there and watched them for hours, wrestling, sleeping... We haven't picked the guy that will come home with us yet, but since they are going home in 3 weeks that will happen soon. Next weekend we will hopefully get to play out in the yard with them to figure which one it will be. I can't wait 'till the puppy gets to come home. It will be a lot of work, but I look forward to it.

Blah, blah, blah... Shut it, Mike, and show us the pictures!

Here you go...

This is the dad.


Here are a few of the puppies, I am not sure who the kids are...

3-4 weeks old


5 weeks old



the runt of the litter with the biggest one.

How can you not fall in love with these guys! I cannot wait until we get to bring the fella home. Hopefully next week I have some more pictures to show you.

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