Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bedside Table Defense and Other...

Here are a few goodies that I came across this morning....

Safe Bedside Table

A good idea that had me on the floor laughing. Check the picture of guy with bed hair ready to roll. Imagine the terror in the eyes of punk kids stealing your Xbox games when you come charging down the stairs looking like a night in briefs.

April Fool's Pranks For Nerds

My favorite is a play on the "Nice Wallpaper" on the second page. I did it to someone at work awhile back but I had an error message open when I took the screenshot. I then replaced the wallpaper with the screenshot and sat back and laughed as I heard frantic clicking and eventually obscenities towards the message that wouldn't go away.

The other fun one is to go into Word and set the auto-correct to change a common word to something funny. For Carrie I made it change every instance that she typed 'the' to 'toot'. Lots of fun, but be careful, this can get you or your target in trouble if you pick the wrong word...

I like the "Remove the Mouse Ball" prank, that could fun!


Anonymous,  4/02/2007 6:30 PM  

lol thats funny! Toot, I'm sure she was amused! You should come to SD in Aug, hawks bolts preseason game. ;)

Anonymous,  4/03/2007 9:47 AM  

Just pulled it on a co-worker....its fun to watch the self proclaimed computer wizards suggest what could be wrong with the computer!

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