Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's Been Awhile

Boy, have I been slacking! Unfortunately I have no excuses. I'm lazy and never put in the effort to think of something to say. But not today!

Today was the first day that I have been able to get outside and do a little much needed yard work. I got the lawns cut and did some pruning on some shrubbery. It was nice to get out there. Hopefully we can string some good weather together so I can reel in control of the yard soon.

Moss is now my sworn enemy!

Yesterday was the first Formula 1 race of the season... Woohoo! My buddy Steve came over and watched the race with me last night and brought over some Foster's 24oz cans as it is the official beer of F1 AND Australia (that's what the commercials say...) where the race was held. These things are ridiculous! I feel like a 6 year old holding one of dad's Oly's when I pick it up.

Yep, that's all I got for now. I promise to get back on the horse!



Anonymous,  3/19/2007 8:22 PM  

Rubber duckie :)

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