Saturday, February 03, 2007

Summer of 1984

Where are my parachute pants?

The rumors are coming true... Van Halen has announced that they will be touring this summer with David Lee Roth and The Police are playing at the Grammy Awards on February 11th. Nice!

Van Halen's 1984 was the first album that I ever bought. (on cassette!) My and my buddy walked down to the Safeway by our house and we both bought one. I seem to remember his parents freaking out about about the baby smoking on the cover. Man, I played that thing night and day.

The "Hot for Teacher" video taught me two things.

  1. The electric guitar is the coolest instrument in the universe. That red Kramer with the white and black stripes is an icon. Eddies guitar solo in the video made me want to learn how to play. I'm still trying...
  2. I like the ladies! LOL! That video made me realize that life wasn't just about BMX bikes and dirt clod fights... Dreams changed. note: I was in sixth grade!
I was into them through the Sammy Hagar years. When they booted him, I was done. Gary Charone? C'mon!

While I liked VH with Sammy, David Lee Roth IS what made them. He elevated them to something special. Without 'Diamond Dave' VH would still have been a good band, they just wouldn't have been THE band. If there is a greater front-man in rock in roll, let me know. I don't think there is.

I am concerned about what a 53 year old David Lee Roth sounds like. His vocal 'acrobatics' aren't exactly easy on the pipes. If he can't belt it like he used to I think I'll pass. The thing that really irritates me is the booting of bassist Michael Anthony for Eddie's 15-year old son Wolfgang. While I wouldn't be surprised if Wolfie can anchor the band like Michael Anthony did, it pissed me off. VH without Michael Anthony is not VH. Same as if you replaced Alex or Eddie. You could find a player to cover their parts, yes, even Eddies, but it wouldn't be Van Halen. They got lucky with Sammy and I think it has gone to Eddies head. If they have a Seattle date I will definitely consider going.

The Police are different. They were probably the biggest band going in those days but they really weren't in my play list. Not that I didn't like them, I was just indifferent. I don't remember any of my friends really being into them either. I think we were a little young for it at the time. Now, It is a different story all together. I think they would easily make my top ten list which is always in flux.

I don't know when I became hooked on them exactly but I believe it must have been during my snowboarding years in the mid 90's. As we spent 3 hours or more in the car on every trip we listened to a lot of music. Much like the Ramones, I am sorry that I didn't pay attention to them in their day.

If the Police do go on tour, I will pay top dollar to see them, no question. Unlike Van Halen, I have no doubts that they can still put on a good show. The beauty of it is they went out on top and as far as I know aren't recording a new album. That means a concert would be chock full of the songs you want to hear.

Another article here.

The other reunion rumor that I like is Rage Against the Machine. Although I disagree with their politics, few bands could kick you in the head like them. The raw passion and emotion that they blasted you with was amazing.


Anonymous,  2/03/2007 4:39 PM  

Van Halen reminds me of Andrew, heck, he named his dog after them. I have noticed throughout the years that once a day, at least 4 days out of the week, I hear a Van Halen tune, and no I don't listen to KISW much. I call this phenomenon the 'Daily dose of Van Halen'.

Anonymous,  11/10/2008 5:57 AM  

Good post.

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