Saturday, January 20, 2007

No Parking

I respect cars more than most people, but this story cracks me up!

The gist... A woman that was loaned her brothers Maserati while he was out of town parked it in a no parking after 7am construction zone for two days. Annoyed with this a construction worker picked it up with a forklift to move it. Unfortunately while it was 2 meters off the ground it slipped off the forks and onto the roof.

An Elizabeth Bay resident, Stephen Gray, said workers from SMS Construction had been moving cars with forklifts for some time while they worked on a four-storey building in the narrow street.

"They've been doing it for months now," he said.

"It's outrageous and just really arrogant."

Sure it is arrogant, but in my mind, so is parking where you aren't supposed too (if clearly marked). This is one of the areas where I believe controlled anarchy (oxymoron) would be a good system to have.

We've all seen it, the ass that whips in to the handicap spot in front of the grocery store because he is too lazy to park fifty feet farther back and walk.

"There was no one parked there" he'll say.

"I was only going to be in there a minute"

Tell it to the guy with a weelchair lift that has to circle while you pick up your 'extra hot breve latte'.

Here is where my plan comes in. Someone comes in with a Cat TL1255 Telehandler, removes the guys car from the spot and places it upside down at the back of the parking lot.

This will solve the problem of people where they shouldn't really quick. I know I'd think twice before doing it! (not that I do)


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