Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Nürb Hoonage!

Another video brought to my attention by Jalopnik

Please ignore the über-annoying euro-tech music and enjoy this video...

This is a modern day version of my "The Hoons of Today Must Defend Themselves Against the Seventies" post two weeks ago. Unfortunately nobody is thrown from their car in this one.

Watch for the M3 at the 2:06 mark. That is how it is done!

Nice tripod on the golf at 2:20. I did that only once in my old GTI... Almost ended up in a ditch (cursed understeer!) I sure miss that car, it was a blast before it fell to OCS (old car syndrome). That's when I gave it to MJ!


Anonymous,  2/03/2007 12:10 PM  

HEY! The GTI had a few good years left in it when it fell into my hands! I had to give it up after it began to cost me $250.00-$700.00 every couple of months.

Mike D. 2/03/2007 4:33 PM  

Uhhh, no it didn't.

It only seemed that way to you as it was cooler than the Chrysler wagon with fake wood paneling that you were driving at the time.

I seem to remember among other things, the AC no longer worked and a puddle would develop on the floorboard when it rained.

Believe me, I drove that GTI, I knew that GTI, that GTI was a friend of mine... The GTI that I passed to you was not the same GTI.

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