Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The world (at least mine) is all abuzz about the new Apple iPhone. See Gizmodo. This thing looks to be the cats meow and makes my Blackberry Pearl look plain.

There are only two things keeping me from jumping on board with it.

  1. It looks like it is being released on Cingular, I have T-Mobile. The good news there is that the two use the same tech (EDGE) so it shouldn't be too long before it is available.
  2. It looks like it will cost around $600 for the 8GB model WITH a two year contract. Yikes!
From what I have read today about it (a lot), I do have a few concerns and wants.

While the touch screen looks absolutely gorgeous, I wonder how the virtual keyboard will work. How will it compare to a tactile keyboard. With my pearl, I can almost bang out an email with out looking at it because my fingers know what key they are on. The touch screen seems like it may be a bit awkward for hardcore messaging.

I would want it, especially for $600, to replace my iPod that is getting a little long in the tooth. 8GB won't cut it for me. I would like to have at least 20GB. With 20GB I would have plenty of space for my essential music (I'd still have to do some shaving) and have room for photos, movies and whatever else. they probably haven't done that yet because they would need a harddrive that would cut into battery life.

With all the internet possibilities with it I would like it to be faster than EDGE.

Imagine all the face oil that thing is going to collect. You will have to carry a polishing cloth with you at all time to clean the smudges.

All in all, they are getting pretty close to what my ideal dream phone would be. We are probably only a year or two away. I can't wait!

Check out the iPhone for yourself.


Anonymous,  1/10/2007 1:12 PM  

Remember when phones were connected to a cord that was connected to a wall in MAYBE three rooms of your home? Before you say, 'Wow, look how much we have impoved.' Ask yourself if the benefits of having a phone, computer with internet access, camera etc etc all in one device outweigh the changes these devices are making to societies personal interaction. I admit, I use my cell phone (no camera, but it has Sudoku and Who Wants to be a Millionaire on it) quite often and I ackwoledge the benefits it brings to my everyday life. However, lately I have been thinking about how our gadgets and computers have taken on the role of entertaining us at any given time - or any given place. I also understand and appreciate the business application to these devices, the industry that I am in would be in the ice ages without it.
But after we have left our desk we come home only to sit infront of these devices again. We go outside to enjoy nature but make sure that we have our camera/phone/e-mail with us at all time. We go to our parents house to visit with them only until our cell phone rings and we excuse ourself to our old room that has somehow been painted pink (tangent, sorry) to chat with friends. Outside of the office, we are telling those around us that this little electronic device is more important to us than spending time with others. Remember when telephone conversations were considered private. Remember having a conversation with someone face to face without sharing your attention with your phone to see if someone else is contacting you. Remember sitting down and reading a book to be entertained. I spent my childhood in my parents back yard in their creek 8 months out of the year, I would hate to think about what my childhood would be like if I thought that in order to be entertained I needed something electronic infront of me.
I know that essentially I am a child of the 80's and also spent a lot of time in front of the TV set. I'm not against the improvement that technology is always acheiving BUT I think that we have to draw a line somewhere in our personal lives as to when to use these gadgets.
I'm sure you will totally disagree with me Mike, but I thought that I would toss it out there.

Mike D. 1/10/2007 1:58 PM  

Good Lord!!!! Get your own blog!!!


These devices all have off buttons...

I don't let mine rule my life. If it rings, that doesn't mean that I have to answer it.

You sound like an old person! :)

Anonymous,  1/10/2007 2:59 PM  

If I'm old, then you are older... :)

Actually - unless the family is together playing board games, I haven't noticed you too occupied with your phone. But look around you, driving to work, at the store, hanging out with friends, walking in the park - everyone seems to have electronics hooked up to them.

Anonymous,  1/11/2007 12:03 AM  

From that link (in the massive comments section) a comment post from the author:


Guys, if it hasn’t been said, then the answer is no.

Can it run Mac OS X programs? No.
Can it open Word/Excel docs? No. (Yes to PDF, though.)
Can it be used with anything but Cingular? No.
Does it run Palm apps? No.
Does it connect to iChat? No.
Does it have games? No.
Is it ambidextrous? No.
Does it have GPS, voice recognition, 3G? No.
Flash or Java? No.
Music over Bluetooth? No.
Can you change the battery? No.


It is STILL the coolest piece of electronics to come along in years.


— Posted by david Pogue [nytimes.com]

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