Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy Trails

Note: This post is best read with Pearl Jams Yellow Ledbetter playing softly. Preferably off their Live in Seattle, Nov 6th, 2000 album.

Well friends, the Seahawk's season has come to an end. Yes, I am sad, but not disappointed. After all that went down this year, I feel fortunate that they played in the divisional playoffs. With all the injuries to key players the season easily could have been much worse.

Heck, they were only a completion or two from being in range of Josh Brown's golden foot for his 5th game winning FG of the season. How cool would that have been!

While not breaking the Madden curse with Alexander missing almost half the season, the Hawks did break the Super Bowl curse. They are the first team since the 2000 Titans to lose and make the playoffs the next year and the first since the 1998 Packers to win a game in the playoffs. I don't think a team that lost the SB has made it back since the Bills did it in 1993 (for the third time in a row!)

My MVP of the season is Josh Brown. As I stated above, he won four games this year with his foot on last second kicks. If he would have missed just one of those the Hawks wouldn't have made the playoffs.

My hopes for next year are for good health, the D to play like we thought they could this year, and the O-line to start the same five guys every game. All that and no losses!

As a parting gift, here are a couple pictures taken at the December 24th Hawks game against San Diego (a team that could have used JB's foot today ...cough...). The top picture is my sister MJ, Me with my eyes closed because of quick-eyes, Kevin our seat-neighbor for the last two years and Zach his son looking dejected. The bottom picture is of MJ's boyfriend Alex and Carrie. Yes it rained, I believe it rained (or snowed) the whole last half of the season.

That is all I got for now, I'm going to go cry myself to sleep on my big pillow.


Anonymous,  1/15/2007 12:28 PM  

Doesn't look like you guys are cold at all! Whata game. Dog fight by both teams...2 great MVP running backs. I loved it! I want a jersey with Shawn on oneside and LT on the other. Someone needs to come up with that.

~Again from the very sad, but proud, Charger girl!

Anonymous,  1/15/2007 1:23 PM  

I love this pic of AC and Carrie. Carrie reminds me of Kermit the Frog with her hood on.
SLP - I don't like your jersey idea, although I do have respect for LT, how can you not.

Mike D. 1/15/2007 3:06 PM  

It wasn't cold, I had thick long underwear, insulated water-proof boots, hoodie, fleece jacket, and GoreTex shell and pants on. Other than my face and hands (I didn't thing I'd need the GoreTex gloves... wrong!) I could have been on a beach in Kauai

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