Monday, January 29, 2007

British Television and the Jag XKR

Please Discovery Channel, please! Bring Top Gear back to my boob tube! This car show is so far beyond any car show in the States, it isn't even funny. (Whatever the hell that means). My God, all we get around here are shots of the storage in a mini-van, and how nice is handles in the parking lot. L-A-M-E!

This is how a car show should look...

I really like that Jag. (I like like the Aston too!) If I could just dig $90k out of my couch, I'd walk over to the dealership infront of my house (you think I'm kidding?) and pick one up... You got to hand it to those Brits, not only can they pound out a great TV show, but they have built one beauty of a car there. Like JC says, how could you walk away from that thing to a BMW or Merecedes... That car is beautiful! It sounds sweet too.

After that video, the XKR has rocketed up my list of dream cars. It may even be at the top of my sub $100k list...


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