Thursday, January 25, 2007

2005 Seahawks, the 50th Greatest Superbowl Team Ever!

Came across this on Sando's blog this morning.

The Ultimate Super Rankings []'s Page 2 crew (kinda rhymie, huh?) ranked the Seahawks as the 50th greatest Super Bowl team EVER!

Before you "Seattle doesn't get any respect" folks start getting wound up, realize that 40 teams have won the Super Bowl and all (except for the 1970 Baltimore Colts) are naturally ranked ahead of them. This means that they were the 11th best Super Bowl loser!

My favorite part is this...

What does it say about Seattle that it became the only team to outgain and commit fewer turnovers than its Super Bowl opponent and still lose? It means the Seahawks either (A) got screwed, or (B) easily could be ranked ahead of the Steelers.

Nice! I vote for (C) all of the above.

I will believe until my grave that the holding call on Loclear that brought back the Jerramy Stevens catch on the one was absolute bulls###! That one call completely changed the momentum of the game.

If you are wondering, no, I am not over Super Bowl XL yet... The Hawks got screwed!


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