Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Greatest Album

Looky here, one day, two posts!

As I was writing that last novel, I was listening to some Nirvana as everybody should once in awhile.

I have decided that their In Utero album is probably the best album EVER! From the clicks of the drumsticks to kick it off on track 1, Serve the servants, to the great All Apologies, this album is perfection.

My favorites on this album (they are all great) are Heart Shaped Box, Milk It, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, Pennyroyal Tea, and All Apologies. The last two are on my GOAT (greatest of all time) play list.

I miss Nirvana.

If you got a better album, let me know on in the comments (please write comments!!!) and I will promptly shoot them down like clay pigeons. :)


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