Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Wrapping

Driving home from work Friday I overheard an interesting talk-radio subject. Christmas songs from heaven and hell. People called in with their favorite and least favorite Christmas songs. It inspired me to put out a list of my favorites. So here we go!

  1. Santa Claus is coming to Town, Bruce Springsteen - Clarence has been rehearsing real hard so Santa will bring him a new saxaphone. There is no greater christmas song than this!
  2. Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas, Burl Ives - The way the war on Christmas is going, it's only a matter of time before we have to rename it as the name Christmas is too closely tied to Jesus. I propose Ivesmas. 'nuff said
  3. Christmas Wrapping, The Waitresses - Addictive like crack! I can play this over and over and never get tired of it.
  4. Happy Holiday/Holiday Season, Andy Williams - I love to belt this one out along with Andy while driving.
  5. Christmas Time is Here, Vince Guraldi Trio - I always connected with Charlie Brown, and not just because I have a mellon head.
  6. The Christmas Song, Nat King Cole - I'm going to put on my turtle neck, sweater, sip eggnog and listen to this infront of the duraflame log. Cozy.
  7. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Andy Williams - Andy swings the belt again!
  8. Christmas is Coming, Vince Guraldi Trio - See #5
  9. White Christmas, Bing Crosby - See #6
  10. Christmas in Hollis, Run DMC - Reminds me of where I grew up, the hard streets of Juanita.

And for some of my least favorite Christmas songs...

Little Saint Nick, Beach Boys - Without Brian Wilson we would have never been blessed with this song, Sloop John B, Wilson Phillips and my next least favorite xmas song....

Hey Santa, Carnie and Wendy Wilson - I used to work retail and if I was unlucky this song would play 3 times during my 8 hour shift. Enjoy the Video!

Christmas in the Northwest, Brenda White - To much sap. Retail burnt me out on this one too.

Sippin' in Seattles Latte Land, Duffy Bishop - I'd like this one if she changed the lyrics back to Winter Wonderland, got rid of the annoying espresso machine noises in the background and let Burl Ives sing it.

Please people, let me know some of your favorites! Comments are welcome, don't be shy!


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