Saturday, December 16, 2006


Man, my Seahawks are driving me nuts! This is as schizophrenic a team as I can recall. We know they can make things happen. I have no fear when down by a touchdown or less giving Hasselbeck the ball on the 15 with 2 1/2 minutes to play. It is the other 47 1/2 minutes of the game before that that worries me. Spot a team multiple points early, long drives that fizzle out... Ughhh... I fear no team except the Hawks.

Enough of that, it is making my chest hurt. You hear that Elizabeth? I'm coming to join you honey! (Sanford and Son reference for all y'all that don't recall)

Carrie couldn't got to the game because she needed to work (lucky!) so I went with a buddy. We took the bus in as we were both coming from work across the lake. There was a storm coming in and it was raining pretty good when we got to the stadium. We got to a bar and had a few brews. With about a half hour until kickoff we decided to head over to our seats. Oh my God! It was raining as hard as I have ever seen it rain in my life, and I am old now! The street between us and the stadium was three inches deep with water. My ticket held together long enough in the monsoon for the fella to scan it and not much longer. We got to our seats and never sat down the whole game.

I left that game early for the first time in quite awhile. The Seahawks stunk, the weather stunk, and we had to catch a bus to get us back to our cars. We got to where the shuttles were staging and saw a bus tagged S Kirkland (that is our park and ride). It was dark so we went to the bus in front of it... Tagged S Kirkland but dark again. After a few more of the same we saw that the bus at the front of the que was loading. (makes sense) We hopped on and decided to not talk about the game, we talked cars. The bus gets going and we finally get to our destination. Not so fast, we got on the wrong bus. We were at the Eastgate park and ride. 5 miles from where we wanted to be. Luckily the driver was a cool guy, he felt sorry for us and drove us to the S Kirkland P&R. Phew, dodged a giant bullet there. It was either wait 45 minutes in crappy weather for the next bus or call C to drive down and pick us up. Neither option sounded like much fun. Driving home from the park and ride my truck was handling like a truck. All over the road, it felt like the suspension was coming loose. It wasn't, it was the wind...

I got home and the wind was kickin' it old school. Big gusts were pushing the trees around like they were nothing. Our power blinked many times but never went out. As I laid down to go to bed I set my blinking clock to the time and tried to go to sleep. Ten minutes later it was blinking again. Repeat. Eventually around midnight, the power went out for real. At least I could sleep and not worry about a blinking "12:00" in my face. Around 4 the power came back on. We were lucky.

This morning we swung by mom and dads house and it was freezing, you could just about see your breath. Mom looked pathetic. She was wearing every piece of fleece she had and a goofy Tom Petty-esque fleece hat. Bo (the dog) was in her arms with a red Osmond family Christmas sweater on. Sad! We invited them and Carries parents over as our house was warm.

Tonight as I type this, around 48 hours have passed since the storm began. My parents and C's parents and sister have been hanging out at or house as their places are still without power and may be for a few more days. I really feel for all the people that don't have that option around here. Without a furnace, these houses get cold pretty quick.

Keep warm!


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