Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christmas part 1

Christmas is coming, C's glue gun is getting hot...

I type this surrounded by the wife's card making paraphernalia. Oh how I love this season!

The annual battle as to when the Christmas stuff goes up is about to begin. C would have set it up two weeks ago if the tree didn't need me to drag it out of the crawl space. After quite a few years in the home improvement retail industry, which has had it's Christmas stuff out for over a month, I insist on waiting until we are in the month of December. This year we may have to do it Thanksgiving weekend, and I am not happy.

Anybody used the LED lights on their house? One of these years I'd like to reinvest in these for my house lights. Probably would save me a bundle in energy. Right now I line the lower roof line of our house with white C7 bulbs (or C9's, I can't keep them straight) and put colored mini-bulbs on certain plants in the front. Simple, but it looks like I put some effort in it (I did).

Eventually I'd like to rig some computer control to my lights. Nothing too fancy, just enough to make people smile when they see it. The other goal I have is to make my lights easy to put up and easy to take down. My house lights have been modified, making strings shorter and changing the plug orientation. This year my goal is to streamline my power grid. If you couldn't tell, I do enjoy the decorating, just not before December.

[edit] Hopefully this guy doesn't have any epileptic neighbors, they probably would have a seizure in front of this place


Anonymous,  11/19/2006 9:54 PM  

You make me sound like some sort of weird old lady...

Anonymous,  11/21/2006 11:03 AM  

I got to agree with you Mike - no Christmas before Dec. 1st. The co-workers are already playing Christmas music in the office, wrong....just wrong.
Christmas is supposed to be a 'special' season and it loses it's zest when people start too early. (Yes, I said 'zest'). It's bad enough that the commercialized Christmas season starts in mid-October. (Not to mention that it is so commercialized.) Patience people, it will be January 1st before you know it and we can all go to the malls to get ready for Christmas next year.

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