Sunday, October 08, 2006

Oh no!

Beings that I haven't read a book for entertainment in quite awhile I decided to pick one up this Thursday. I grabbed "The Book of Fate" by Brad Meltzer. A very entertaining book, in my opinion... It was good enough that I finished it today before dinner. Kinda like my old 'Clancy' days when I would saw through one of his books in a day or so.

We had dinner with the TV on, when "pop!" the screen went black! NOOOOO!!!! Is it mad at me? Did it feel deserted that I paid little attention to it the last few days? We had a good time together this morning watching Alonso all but cinch his second F1 world championship... I guess he was just heart broken that I was paying more attention to paper instead of him. Toshi should know that a simple 'book' could never replace the bond we had.

Now C and I are regulated to huddling around a 12 year old 19" television that has the Spanish subtitles turned on and we can't figure out how to shut them off.... (Apparently the Spanish say "whiskey" instead of "cheese" when posing for pictures) A pretty big jump back from the 62" DLP HDTV that is Toshi.

Feel sorry for me! :)

Oh well, luckily all it is was a projector lamp rupturing and it is easy to fix. I basically have to undo 3 screws, slide the bad unit out, slide the new in and Toshi is as good as new. I should be up and running in time to watch some MNF.

Maybe I'll go to bed early tonight.


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