Monday, October 23, 2006

Mole Huntin'

The bastard is back!

For those of you that don't know the story, I had a mole problem earlier this summer. I went out to mow the lawn and I noticed a bunch of piles of dirt and the ground was a lumpy with tunnels like the gopher made in Caddyshack. Pissed, I ran to the Lowe's down the street and pick me up a mole trap. I set the thing and forgot about it. the next day I hear it trip and run out and see the ground under it still moving. Being the macho fella that I am I grabbed a trowel and went out to put him out of his misery. As I jabbed it, the little thing screamed, "EEEEEEEE!, EEEEEEEEE!". It messed me up. I put a bucket over the trap and let him pass on his own time. That evening I decided I would only kill animals that don't make noises. Fish.

Next morning, I go out to gather him up and the corner of my yard is trashed! Every tunnel is blown open, dirt everywhere, and the lawn looks horrible. On the backside of my retaining wall I find another dead mole, pretty fresh. I don't know if he saw his dead partner, did a load of coke and flipped out ala Scarface, or a raccoon dug it all up and decided that mole tastes bad. I dunno.

Moles are now my sworn enemy! I will hunt them down wherever they are! (as long as it is my yard) There will be no guilt this time!

more to come.....


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