Sunday, October 15, 2006

Heart Attack!

Sometimes I hate being a die-hard fan of a team, and today was looking to be one of those days.

Honestly, the Hawks loss to the Bears two weeks ago didn't really bother me too much because after the first quarter, you pretty much knew that It wasn't going to happen. I put on my raincoat and it just rolled off just like the rains that are starting up around here.

After the first half of this football game against the Rams I was going for the rain coat, but the second half was different. By the end of the third, my shirt was off and I was putting on the zinka. By the time Lofa intercepted Bulger, I was in my neon speedo, ready to bask in the glory of a Seahawk win. Then Morris fumbled.... And Holt made that circus catch for a TD to put the Rams up with around 1:45 left on the clock.... Now I was unprotected from the flash flood. I could throw up.

BUT, Matti marches the team down the field and with 4 seconds on the clock they spike the ball on the 30 for a Josh Brown FG. Woohoo!

BUT, there is a flag, and the Rams think it is a mandatory 10 second runoff, meaning the game is over. For the second time in as many minutes I taste vomit again.

BUT, the foul was after the snap, so there is no run-off. Brown comes in to attempt a FG, five yards farther out at 54 yards. The stress is KILLING ME!


Seriously, I cannot take games like this! I need more blowouts, they are much easier on my heart.

Here is what the professional writers have to say...

Regarding what went down in the locker room at half time...

In the locker room before the second half, coach Mike Holmgren had some choice words.

"I unloaded on them," Holmgren said.

"Those words aren't allowed on television," defensive end Bryce
Fisher said. "We'll just keep it PG and say you have to do better."

LOL, his head looked like a tomato during that first half! One PO'd mother!


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