Monday, October 09, 2006

Avast Me Mateys!

Ah, a little treat for you, the loyal reader of my blog...

A NES emulator that you can play right in your web browser! Go ahead, play Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, Techmo Bowl or whatever, like you were a wee kid! Great fun!

If you are quite a bit younger than me you are probably amazed that these games were remotely entertaining to us. Actually as a current video game affficianado, I am amazed that these games were entertaining.... I played a little Zelda: Adventure of Link and laughed! I remember picking up this game, a gold cartridge if my memory still works, and being blown away by how high tech it was. Now, my phone that fits in my pocket has betterlooking graphics.... 100x better looking graphics...

All that being said, Super Mario Brothers is timeless! I could get sucked into that game just as easy as I was back in junior high...

FYI, when you load a game, be sure to double click on the display of it to get control. It took me a bit to figure that out.


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