Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm Sick

I am getting a little tired of this. Every year, C gets sick before me, sometimes I catch it sometimes I don't. Well, she has been sick the last week or so, and now I have it. Mo*******!!! (Just kidding, no swearwords under there it was just asterisks.)

Anyhow, this sucks... But it has inspired a haiku!

Head in fog, throat itch
nose runs, feet smell, I'm backwards
please pass the kleenex


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Favorite Movie

Just watched The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissau last night, and I am going to have to rate it as my favorite movie. It has a quirky feel that I enjoy. You will laugh, you will cry, you will say "what the hell?"

The plot....

Steve Zissou, sea-film auteur a la Jacques Cousteau, has reason to be melancholy: his partner has been eaten, perhaps by a mythic jaguar shark, his wife may be taking up with her ex-husband, a young man appears claiming Steve is his father (Steve hates fathers), his most recent films have tanked, he's having trouble raising money for his venture to revenge his partner, and he's attracted to a pregnant reporter who prefers the pretender. At sea, in pursuit of the shark, will he escape pirates and mutiny, forge the bonds of fatherhood, place his arm around his wife, find the monster of the deep, re-establish box office hegemony, and discover a reason to smile?

(I was writing my own summarry but nixxed it when I ran into this very similar, but better one on IMDB.)


Mole Update

Nothing to say really... I set a trap for the ugly bastard earlier this week but it hasn't been tripped. No activity in the yard that I can see either. Maybe he reads my blog and knows that I will show him no mercy.....


Monday, October 23, 2006

Mole Huntin'

The bastard is back!

For those of you that don't know the story, I had a mole problem earlier this summer. I went out to mow the lawn and I noticed a bunch of piles of dirt and the ground was a lumpy with tunnels like the gopher made in Caddyshack. Pissed, I ran to the Lowe's down the street and pick me up a mole trap. I set the thing and forgot about it. the next day I hear it trip and run out and see the ground under it still moving. Being the macho fella that I am I grabbed a trowel and went out to put him out of his misery. As I jabbed it, the little thing screamed, "EEEEEEEE!, EEEEEEEEE!". It messed me up. I put a bucket over the trap and let him pass on his own time. That evening I decided I would only kill animals that don't make noises. Fish.

Next morning, I go out to gather him up and the corner of my yard is trashed! Every tunnel is blown open, dirt everywhere, and the lawn looks horrible. On the backside of my retaining wall I find another dead mole, pretty fresh. I don't know if he saw his dead partner, did a load of coke and flipped out ala Scarface, or a raccoon dug it all up and decided that mole tastes bad. I dunno.

Moles are now my sworn enemy! I will hunt them down wherever they are! (as long as it is my yard) There will be no guilt this time!

more to come.....


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Magic Number Update

Hey Mateys! It has been awhile since I last did the update so here we go....

To win the NFC West, the Hawks magic number is.... 11 (over the Rams)
To win the NFC and get home field throughout, the magic number is... 13 (over the Bears)


Internet Explorer 7

Just installed Internet Explorer 7 on my home computer named WOPR. Here is a picture of me standing next to it... Why? because I like trying what is new. Best feature so far, especially for my sight challenged friends or those who have their monitors resolution pumped up too high because they can, is that you can zoom whole web pages to see them better. There are many other nice features, but I need to go now. WOPR wants to play a "nice game of chess".


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Top 5 Pet Peeves

I have pet peeves, here are the top five (for today) If any of these apply to you. Please stop, you aren't hurting me, you are hurting yourself....

People not keeping to the right. This is what inspired me to write this post today. Twice. Why is this so difficult? If you are in the left lane and you aren't passing anyone in the right, get over!!! I don't care if you are going 30 over the limit or 10 under. If you are not passing a car, don't be in the left lane. If you are going the same speed as the right lane and there is room, get over.... It is not your responsibility to regulate traffic speeds!

People merging slow. Your vehicle has a gas pedal, use it. Think about sticking your fingers into a rotating fan. If your finger is moving in a circle at the same speed as the fan, no problem. If you aren't moving you finger and you stick it in, BAM, it hurts. Same with merging.

Overly loud ringers. Your ring tone should be at the same level that you would have a conversation with someone. If you are where you would whisper, your ringer should be off. If you are at a ball game or on a noisy job site where you have to yell , your ringer can be loud. I have no problems with annoying ringer, in fact, I am a proponent of them. (my two favorites and my angry cat ringer and the air horn ringer I made) Just keep the volume under control.

Loud talkers on the phone. Stop... Please.... I don't need to know what you are talking about! Talk at the same level that you would talk to someone that is sitting next to you. Every modern phone that I have seen has a volume control. If the people that you are talking to can't hear you, tell them to turn up the volume.... Stop thinking like you are talking through two tin cans connected by a string. Technology is great, let it do its work!

The previous are all pretty much equally annoying in my mind. There is one more that surpasses all of these for me. Those of you that know me probably can guess what that is....

My biggest pet peeve is.........

People that paint their kids name, team, and/or teammates on car windows. Double the peevedness if you paint the nicknames on there. Gawd! This drives me nuts! Yay, your kid made the all-star team, or the 'ladybugs' are in the playoffs. Whoop-de-do! Why do I need to know? If your kid has some great sporting success, pat 'em on the back, take the team to Far Fars for a banana split, or get them trophies. Always worked for me growing up. I believe this is sellfish. Why? Because growing up, the LAST thing I needed was mom driving around with my name in red white and blue with smiley faces on her car. This would have upped my PAK* exponentially! I prided myself in a low PAK number. Every grade past the 4th, the damage would be double.

I grant a one day pardon for weddings and graduations, only if the owner of the vehicle did not do the writing or ask someone to.

BTW, I think it would be hilarious to do this for a 'beer' league team, but the one day pardon would still be in effect. And, you need to specify somehow that your team is of age.

* PAK is the Probability of an Ass Kicking


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mike Tormenting Bo

I blatently ripped this off of my sisters MySpace page. I feel it is OK because she didn't ask me if she could post movies of me in cyberspace! :)

Mike tormenting Bo

Add to My Profile More Videos

Too bad there isn't any sound, I'm sure there was some thrilling commentary between MJ, dad, and I.

BTW, those are some nice legs on the old man!


Heart Attack!

Sometimes I hate being a die-hard fan of a team, and today was looking to be one of those days.

Honestly, the Hawks loss to the Bears two weeks ago didn't really bother me too much because after the first quarter, you pretty much knew that It wasn't going to happen. I put on my raincoat and it just rolled off just like the rains that are starting up around here.

After the first half of this football game against the Rams I was going for the rain coat, but the second half was different. By the end of the third, my shirt was off and I was putting on the zinka. By the time Lofa intercepted Bulger, I was in my neon speedo, ready to bask in the glory of a Seahawk win. Then Morris fumbled.... And Holt made that circus catch for a TD to put the Rams up with around 1:45 left on the clock.... Now I was unprotected from the flash flood. I could throw up.

BUT, Matti marches the team down the field and with 4 seconds on the clock they spike the ball on the 30 for a Josh Brown FG. Woohoo!

BUT, there is a flag, and the Rams think it is a mandatory 10 second runoff, meaning the game is over. For the second time in as many minutes I taste vomit again.

BUT, the foul was after the snap, so there is no run-off. Brown comes in to attempt a FG, five yards farther out at 54 yards. The stress is KILLING ME!


Seriously, I cannot take games like this! I need more blowouts, they are much easier on my heart.

Here is what the professional writers have to say...

Regarding what went down in the locker room at half time...

In the locker room before the second half, coach Mike Holmgren had some choice words.

"I unloaded on them," Holmgren said.

"Those words aren't allowed on television," defensive end Bryce
Fisher said. "We'll just keep it PG and say you have to do better."

LOL, his head looked like a tomato during that first half! One PO'd mother!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Well, the TV is still out of commission.... Honestly, it is almost like one of those November storms that knocks the power out for awhile. Eerily quiet.....

I have now started book #2 in a week. "The Blindside: Evolution of a Game" by Michael Lewis. Pretty interesting so far. (I'm only in a chapter or two) It is basically the story of Michael Oher, a huge kid that came from a very rough childhood to become a top LT prospect in a very short time. Since he is currently just a Sophomore at Ole Miss, it seems to me like there is still plenty story left to be written.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Nurb

Ahh, Mecca for all who love fast cars....

Here is a video I found over at Jalopnik of some fine pieces of German steel (aluminum) being tested at the 'ring'.

You have BMW M3, Mercedes AMG CLK 63 Black Series, Porsche GT2 and an Audi R8 being put through the paces. All fine pieces of machinery, but what caught my eye/ear most was the Audi R8. That is a great sounding vehicle! And I like the looks too, though the area behind the door might take a little getting used to.


Monday, October 09, 2006

Just a Thought...

It must have been tough in the years BC, you know, with the years going backwards and all that... Say you were born in 1347 BC and it was now 1322 BC. Would you be "-25" years old? What if you bought a chariot in 5 BC and sold it in 6 AD... Could you claim it was only a year old? Hmmmmm.......


Avast Me Mateys!

Ah, a little treat for you, the loyal reader of my blog...

A NES emulator that you can play right in your web browser! Go ahead, play Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, Techmo Bowl or whatever, like you were a wee kid! Great fun!

If you are quite a bit younger than me you are probably amazed that these games were remotely entertaining to us. Actually as a current video game affficianado, I am amazed that these games were entertaining.... I played a little Zelda: Adventure of Link and laughed! I remember picking up this game, a gold cartridge if my memory still works, and being blown away by how high tech it was. Now, my phone that fits in my pocket has betterlooking graphics.... 100x better looking graphics...

All that being said, Super Mario Brothers is timeless! I could get sucked into that game just as easy as I was back in junior high...

FYI, when you load a game, be sure to double click on the display of it to get control. It took me a bit to figure that out.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Oh no!

Beings that I haven't read a book for entertainment in quite awhile I decided to pick one up this Thursday. I grabbed "The Book of Fate" by Brad Meltzer. A very entertaining book, in my opinion... It was good enough that I finished it today before dinner. Kinda like my old 'Clancy' days when I would saw through one of his books in a day or so.

We had dinner with the TV on, when "pop!" the screen went black! NOOOOO!!!! Is it mad at me? Did it feel deserted that I paid little attention to it the last few days? We had a good time together this morning watching Alonso all but cinch his second F1 world championship... I guess he was just heart broken that I was paying more attention to paper instead of him. Toshi should know that a simple 'book' could never replace the bond we had.

Now C and I are regulated to huddling around a 12 year old 19" television that has the Spanish subtitles turned on and we can't figure out how to shut them off.... (Apparently the Spanish say "whiskey" instead of "cheese" when posing for pictures) A pretty big jump back from the 62" DLP HDTV that is Toshi.

Feel sorry for me! :)

Oh well, luckily all it is was a projector lamp rupturing and it is easy to fix. I basically have to undo 3 screws, slide the bad unit out, slide the new in and Toshi is as good as new. I should be up and running in time to watch some MNF.

Maybe I'll go to bed early tonight.


Monday, October 02, 2006

I hate Mondays

Ughhh, I don't know if it was the throttling the Hawks received from the Bears last night or the Diamond Knot Industrial IPA I had while watching, but I am in a fog this morning..... Probably a combination of both.


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