Friday, September 01, 2006


Since my last post from the Seahawk game things went downhill quickly for me... No worries, I'm fine now.

Basically, I got myself a nice case of food poisoning. During halftime my stomach started to feel not so good, no biggie, but something was up... In the third quarter, when the Hawks came up on a forth-and-3 I decided it was time to go. I was miserable, or what I would have previously considered miserable.

We walked, slowly, back to the truck. I drove it out of the garage, as it was pretty tight, and switched with Carrie after we paid for parking. As we headed up Cherry street, a San Francisco like grade, heading towards the express lanes I realized there would be no place to pull over for miles.... "Pull over Carrie!" She handled it like a champ.

We pulled up against the curb and I unleashed like the Excorcist... My God it was horrible! The worst was seeing people look at me, I'd rather be naked in public than boot. Well after I got that out I didn't feel too bad, on with the trip home!

Around a mile or so to go to home I sensed it coming back again... What the hell??? We pulled into the driveway and I yelled for Carrie to stop! I did it again right there, being sure to miss the lawn (I actually thought about that) and praying that no neighbors were within earshot. I hosed off the walkway and Carrie hosed the driveway so their would be no reminders in the morning. I hoped I was done.

To make this long (and disgusting) story short, from around 10pm and 4am I booted around once every 30-45 minutes... It felt like my abdomin was a damp rag being twisted by giant hands for every last drop of moisture, combined with someone trying to remove my insides with a giant mellon-baller. Horrible!

As of this morning I feel 1000x better, still not even at 60%, but I'll take it! I am on the BRAT diet for a couple days (Carrie was worried enough to call the emergency room, that was their recomondation) Bananas, Rice, Apple sauce and Toast. Mmm, mmm, good! No tuna cassarole for me tonight! Hopefully my tongue will start working soon so I can taste bananas. I'm eating one as I type and it has all the flavor of a tofu stick!

Just a thought, If I could replicate the muscle action of booting without the nasty bits and do it three times a week, I would have abs of steel in no time! Maybe thats how I'll make my millions!


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