Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

I hopped on the scale last night for kicks after eating the biggest meal I dared (bowl chicken noodle, toast) and discovered that I have lost around 10 pounds off my normal (over) weight.... Yeesh, I must have booted a kidney!

Yesterday I attempting to work on the deck, but I was so weak I could only do a little before having to sit for a bit. C was a bit irritated with me, but what can I say, I'm a dog. Like Bo (Moms Boston Terrier) I'll chase a ball 'til I drop... I almost dropped... I did make some appreciable progress though.

This morning, after being awakened by sirens, and a helicopter circling for 45 minutes at 2am. Then an outburst by Jay Stellar for an hour at 6am... I actually feel almost normal. I think I'll run by the 'Buck and pick up my usual (grande almond latte... sublime!) and may try some breakfast that isn't bananas or apple sauce. Let's hope for the best! Arrivederci!


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