Sunday, September 17, 2006

Seahawk Sunday

Ahh, another successful Sunday afternoon at the Hawk (Qwest Field).

After the perfect first quarter the Hawks struggled a bit again on O, but still looked great with the D. There wasn't that feeling of dread that would come over the stadium like a black cloud in that situation in the past. Boy have we missed a defense around here.... Welcome back!

As for the offense, I am a bit disappointed, but not worried. The line is looking human, I am not so sure that the departure of Hutch is the only reason. Shaun needs to run. All to often it seemed like he would not have a hole and just fall over. Maybe if we hung a picture of an endzone off the front of his helmet he would pound it a little more like a horse after the carrot. DJack looked good. His touchdown was sweet. To bad it was at the opposite end of the stadium. In fact all Hawk scores were at the opposite end. Bummer. I was all ready with the camera phone for a good shot at the end of the third when they decided to let the clock run and scored at the south. No such luck!

My favorite part of the game other than the fact that I didn't get sick and they won.... The 'Wave' never got going once. Some buffoons in the upper level tried to start it (the wrong direction) but it didn't catch. Carrie got irritated with me when I yelled "knock it off!" in their direction.

Now if we could just get rid of the silly car race that to many people get a way too excited about. Don't they know it is staged? What a bunch of lemmings! I look away as I feel it rots the brain like the arc in 'Indiana Jones' melted the nazis when they opened it. Leave that stuff for baseball, they need all the enrichment to their gaming experience that they can get...

Same goes for the hide the football under the helmet. Adults yelling "three!!!, three!!, three!!!" just to prove to everyone around them that they were able to follow the ball and then cheering loudly if they were right. Lab rats....

Oh yeah, did anyone catch that tackle by Josh Brown on the rekick? Best tackle by a kicker that I can remember.... He looked like an actual field player! LOL...


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