Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Whole Foods, never been there before. Since they just opened one up in Redmond, within walking distance from my office I thought I'd take check them out today at lunch time.

WOW!!!! This is the greatest smelling grocery store EVER! As I wandered (it is huge) I came across many wonderful scents... A nice fruity smell in the produce department, the fish smelled like fresh ocean, there was a smokey (good smokey!) odor around the meat. Their cheese kiosk was unbelievable (smelled like feet though). The deli was awesome. A flowery scent hung around the middle of the store. Seriously this was the greatest treat my nostrils have expirenced!

The place was a bit spendy, but it looks like you get value. Good thing I am not afraid to BBQ in the winter as there was some good flesh there for the taking. This place makes Larry's Market (RIP) look like a circa 1974 Safeway.

Their sushi looked good to my untrained eye too, I almost picked some up. Surprising after my recent bout with food poisioning. I got to get back on that horse! I will eat seared ahi again! I will just avoid it when it costs $8 at a bar that used to be a brothel. I will stick to beer there....

Speaking of my weekend of hurl, I am now hooked on gatorade. I never craved it before but after downing gallons, I am hooked. There must be crack in there!

...Back at work, I was told by a woman I work with that my bout with food poisioning (the uncontrolled stomach contractions) was what a woman goes through when delivering a baby, so now I know what it is like.... I'll deliver a baby anyday before I go through that again!

With a baby, hopefully you get a night of passion (wink wink) and after 9 months and some convulsions and contractions you are blessed with a healthy baby to love and raise....

My bout with FP, however... I got a grilled ahi sandwich and fries (not bad, or so I thought). I got to boot on a public street in front of strangers who probably thought I was a raging drunk.... I got a good 6 hours or so of convulsions and contractions....

All I was left with was a bucket of bile and a horrible taste in my mouth... No fair!


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