Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Make some NOISE!!!

Hey there faithful blog readers (if there are in fact any!... remember comments are always welcome ;-) )

I got a kick out of this story here today. Someone, a NFL team, has alleged that the noise at the Hawk (Qwest Field) is enhanced with the PA system. The NFL will be monitoring this to make sure that this isn't happening. I have a couple theorys as to who did this.

If it was the Giants, they are fools. Even if true, they have motivated every fan to make even more noise. I hold back on most plays as I have to talk at work on Mondays. Not so this weekend! I will leave it all at the field, the proverbial 110%, running the cords at qualifying RPM's.... If it wasn't them, they are pissed at whoever picked this week to bring it up, which brings me to my next idea as to who did it....

Could it be a divisional foe of the Giants? (Washington, Philly or Dallas) This would be a genius move! None of them come to Seattle this year and they have everything to gain if NY loses. They know Seattle is a tough place to play and they benefit a great deal if the Giants fall to 1-2. Get that crowd riled up! I smell Jerry Jones.....

And last, my biggest conspiracy theory as to where this came from.... The Seahawks themselves! Someone in the organization 'leaked' most likely to a Cardinals front office person that the Hawks supplement the crowd with the PA system... The Cardinals were just here and witnessed how loud it gets, they reported it to the NFL. bingo, this story comes out and if everybody at the stadium makes that much more noise, crushing the Giants with sound!


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