Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I know , I know, I haven't posted in awhile... I have been pretty busy lately (yeah right!).

Well, the push to get the deck done was successful. I finished Friday night amid a swarm of craneflys and an anxiety attack at 9pm. I slept good that night! Here is a before and after....

Can you tell which is which?

Next spring and summer I concentrate on landscaping again. Its much more relaxing....

The BBQ on Saturday was great! It was Carries and my first foray into large scale entertaining. We had a good group of family, friends and kids over. Beers were tossed back, flesh was grilled and all seemed to have a good time except for the occasional knife fight... The weather tried to dampen the party but it was to no avail. Too bad summer is over and football has begun or I would have a few more of these. Oh well, there is always next summer, hopefully the deck will still be standing....

The other thing keeping me busy is my new video game, Test Drive Unlimited. Basically they have put the whole island of Oahu with all it's roads and sights for you to explore in expensive exotic cars. That isn't even the coolest part. You run into real people from all over driving at the same time when connected to the internet. It is a thrill to chase someone down and blow buy them, knowing that it is a real person, say in Spain, that was driving the other car. You can challenge people to races, sometimes for pinks, or do individual challenges. I enoy just finding the twisties (there are plenty on Oahu) and just cruising at a high speed, weaving through traffic. It is surprisingly engaging... I even blew off Monday Night Football to race, it is that good.


Anonymous,  9/16/2006 9:06 PM  

Can you build me a deck like that? Wait- you did :)

Mike D. 9/17/2006 10:57 AM  

Shhh! Don't let Carrie know that I am building decks for other women!

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