Sunday, September 24, 2006

A good week...

Ahhh, what a great football weekend!

The Dawgs pull off their first Pac-10 win in a few years (EDIT: at home, thanks Jeff...) and do it with the second biggest comeback at Husky Stadium. Read about it here... I really think that with a few good bounces that they could make it to a bowl this year. Hell, they have already had a more successful season than last year. I think they are well on their way to sitting at the top of the Pac-10 again.

And then there are my Hawks... Wow, what a game. 21 points in the first quarter and a halftime score of 35-3! Yeah they gave up 27 points in the fourth, but they ended up winning 42-30. No worries whatsoever! I think Deion Branch had a great first game as a Hawk (I keep wanting to call him Cliff, who I just found out is Deions uncle from that link. Isn't the internet great!) I don't if it was because he was excited to be back on the gridiron or if it is the way he always plays, (I don't watch the Pats, I can't stand them) but he seems to have quite a bit of excitement... Jumping up after making a play... woofing... I like him!

The crowd was unbelievable! As I type this a few hours after the game my ears are ringing as bad as after any concert that I have gone to. No sleep for Mike tonight! My throat is a little sore but I should be able to talk tomorrow. I will however go have a hot tea with honey after I am done here.

Boy am I impressed with our D. If the offense can put up 21 points or more a game we will be fine. I think Hamlin is OK after being brained with a sign last October. The O line looked good, not a single sack that I can recall, the interception in the forth when Matty was hit was totally the fault of Morris not taking out his man. (damn Ducks). I didn't even notice that Rob Sims came in for Chris Gray because he sprung his knee... that is a good thing when you are talking O-line.

Note to self... bring sunscreen to games... my face is fried!


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