Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cars, I love Cars...

I came across the coolest car site while poking around the internet. Here is the summary of his site -

I have long wondered what it would be like to own some of the machines that I keep reading about in magazines. What are they like in daily use, what's it like to take them to their limits? Eventually a time came when I decided to stop wondering and start doing....

This fellow goes through cars faster than I go through shoes.... No joke! He has had everything from a Ford Focus to a Scion xB (the one that looks like a box) to a Lotus Elise (or two), BMW M coupe, and a BMW M5. Takes them all to the track and gives great logs of his expirence. Then he sells them.

That isn't the coolest part. He is building his own track car from the ground up and documenting every step in fascinating detail from designing to building to testing (which he has just started). Yeah, most of you will find the detail he goes into boring (he's an engineer), but I ate it up like a good novel. I couldn't stop reading.

It makes me want to get my RC car out again. I would spend an evening taking the thing apart and putting it back together just because I could. It was almost more fun doing that than driving the thing!


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