Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Wonderful Idea!

Here is our genius state government at work - 2 Dots 2 Safety.

This was someone's brilliant idea to curb tailgating on a stretch of I-5. They painted giant dots on the freeway 80 feet apart, signifying 1 second of separation at 60 mph. We all know that you should have 2 seconds between you and the car ahead as it gives you plenty of time to avoid plowing into the guy when he slams on his brakes. Common sense.

No big deal until they unveiled Friday the signs that said there was a $101 ticket if you didn't keep the 2 dots between you. Since nobody likes a ticket, people would slow down if they were getting a little close. Here is where the problem started. Car 'B' would slow a little to keep his distance behind car 'A'. Car 'C' would have to slow a little more behind 'B'. Car 'D' would have to go slower yet. Pretty soon a stretch of freeway that typically has decent traffic flow is slowed to a crawl. Now at 10 mph having a 2 dot separation is 12 seconds! People were unsure if the State Patrol would still nail them for being within the 2 dots....

To end this long story, the signs were covered before the weekend was over and traffic moved smoothly again.

Here's more...

Dubbed the "2 Dots 2 Safety" program, the test patches on the pavement will be in place for a year. If the program improves motorists' behavior, the painted dots could pop up around the state on other highways, DOT spokesmen said.

LOL, they are pulling them up after a week!


Anonymous,  8/18/2006 8:52 AM  

I don’t find this humorous b/c it took Alex and I an extra hour to get home from Portland on Sunday thanks to traffic in that area. Alex kept on asking (to no one) “What the hell is the slowdown, they’d better be an accident ahead” - there wasn’t

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