Thursday, August 10, 2006

White King Salmon

I never knew that white king salmon existed until last night. Carrie and I were at Ray's Boathouse and it was one of the specials along with seared albacore with a yellow curry.

While sipping on a Grey Goose dirty martini (thanks Jeff), a hard-core game of ping pong was being waged in my head.... Should I go with a tried and true veteran, the tuna, or should I take a chance with the newcomer, the white salmon. Tuna, salmon, salmon, tuna, I don't know...

Eventually tuna won out so I don't have anything to tell you about the salmon.

Just kidding, I picked the salmon. It was great! Probably the second best piece of salmon I have had, and I have had a lot! (the best was at Ray's too, Copper River...) I would highly recommend it if you run into it. They arn't kidding when they call it white, it has no coloring other than the grill marks. It was milder than your everyday salmon, but still definitely salmon.

FYI - if you are going to do a Google search for white salmon, throw in a 'king' or you will get everything but what you are looking for....


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