Monday, August 14, 2006

Seahawks Preseason Musings

I'm not a big fan of the preseason.... Even less when we should have a good team returning. Injuries, like the one that Clinton Portis suffered, scare me. The last thing we need to see is someone rolling over Walter Jones's knee or Hass cracking his wrist on someone's helmet while following through... Devastating enough in a regular season game but maddening in an exhibition game.

You say, "Mike, players get hurt in practice all the time, what are you gonna do, ban practicing too?"

Nah, Obviously you need practice, but they can take precautions to minimize risk (red shirts on QB's, etc...)

I think they should do like college, every game counts. Extend the games that count from 16 to 18, maybe throw in another bye in there. Sure we'd have to wait another week to see football, but instead of seeing the good stuff for two series before the seconds and thirds come in, BAM! they'd be on the gas. How sweet would that be?

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