Thursday, August 24, 2006

Madden 2007

I have been playing the new Madden 2007 for three days now and I am impressed and disappointed...

Impressed with the graphics, they are absolutely amazing, almost real. What a difference from the first 'video' football game I ever had, Coleco's Head to Head football, where your player was just a red dash. I was enthralled with this game, I wonder how excited today's ten year old would be to play it today. They even have the voices of the QB's making the calls...

disappointed in my meager skills. I just got done playing the Packers and they smoked me! I didn't check the stats, but the only drive that they didn't score on me was when time ran out on the half. At least I stopped them a few times, forcing them to settle for FG's. I need to stop letting John Madden make the calls for me... He'll say, "This play'll stop 'em for sure" and Ahman Green will bust one for 35... Thanks John! Oh well, I'll keep at it.

I think I'll spend some time in practice mode running certain plays against the different defenses, I need to improve my reads and vision. Yes, it is that intense!


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