Friday, August 11, 2006

It's the most wonderful time...

Last night Carrie and I popped in the Seahawks NFC Champions DVD that I got her for her birthday. Yes, It was for her, she is arguably more in to the Hawks now than me.... That's saying something!

Anyhoo we weren't going to watch the whole thing, the Office was on, so we just watched the NFL Films Game of the Week, NFC Championship. If you are a Hawk fan, buy this DVD just for that. AWESOME! The goosebumps just popped up thinking about it again. If you haven't caught it on the NFL Network, it has Steve Sabol, and all the pomp and circumstance that only NFL Films provides. I found myself clapping many times.

The highlight... When the Hawks had the game, late in the 3rd or 4th, they showed the team lining up in a mob for a kickoff. In slow motion as the they pan across the team, Josh Brown is bent over, setting up the ball as the rest of the team, with huge grins, is doing their dance to Young Jeezy's "And then What"... Boom, boom, clap. Boom, boom, clap. I started crying right there! Probably one of the best pieces of cinematography I have seen!

Only 30 days to go!!!


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