Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I almost forgot...

...not really

Happy birthday Carrie!

I had to shave twice in one day for the first time in my life today. Why? Not because I can grow facial hair like a lumberjack, but because I missed a patch this morning. Idiot! I had to go through a whole day at the office with it! I don't think anyone noticed as it was in the shadowed part of my face between my lower lip and chin. If I had a beard this wouldn't be a problem.

Normally I'd let it go until tomorrow but I'm taking Carrie out for a nice (no jeans and t-shirt for me) dinner and it would kill her if I didn't take care of it.

Well its off to dinner for us, hopefully the restaurant will have a sombrero for Carrie to wear and they'll sing and clap for her. If not I'll do it after a martini or two.


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